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Boredom Research

London-based artist duo, Boredom Research, to Create New Artwork on the Visualization of Cancer

We are excited to announce that Boredom Research has received a commission from the Arizona Cancer and Evolution Center (ACE) to create a digital visualization media artwork about the science of cancer. The new work is scheduled to be seen at the CDC Gallery in Washington D.C., The Mayo Clinic in Scottsdale, St. Joseph's Hospital and Medical Center in Phoenix, and the ASU Art Museum. They will be in residency this September at ACE as well as spending time with our partner, the Institute of Cancer Research in London. We are thrilled to have such amazing artists as collaborators.


We envision clinicians using this artwork within a clinical setting to talk to patients about cancer. How do we think about cancer? What metaphors would we like to use while talking about cancer? How does cancer impact our sense of self, our identity? Is our cancer a stranger? An interloper? A part of us? A natural phenomena?