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    Innovative. Interdisciplinary. Impactful.

    January 6-10, 2020, ASU

    At the ASU Interdisciplinary Study of Cooperation Winter School, students will discover the fundamental processes underlying cooperation in diverse systems. The lectures and seminars are taught by leading cooperation researchers from diverse disciplines including Psychology, Evolutionary Biology, Anthropology, Sociology and Computational Modeling. To learn more, click here.

    October 15-18, 2020

    What is a Zombie?

    The Zombie Apocalypse Medicine Alliance defines a zombie as "An individual whose physiology and behavior are (fully or partially) under the control of a genetically distinct individual or population of individuals."

    For more info, visit the conference website: click here

  • Past events

    Innovative. Interdisciplinary. Impactful.

    ASU Cooperation and Conflict Symposium

    May 2, 2019, ASU

    How do we tell what is real and what is not? In ASU’s 2nd Cooperation and Conflict Symposium, researchers from across ASU and around the world will come together to address the question of how we tell fact from fiction, and how the availability of huge amounts of information can both help and hinder our capacity to determine what is real. To learn more and see the video recorded talks, click here.


    October 18-21, 2018, ASU

    Our first Zombie Apocalypse Medicine Meeting (ZAMM) took place in the Fall of 2018, at Arizona State University. To view the video recorded talks, click here.


    ISEEC 2017 Conference

    December 7-10, 2017, ASU

    Our fourth bi-annual ISEEC conference was themed "Resistance, Resilience and Robustness" and focused on the evolutionary and ecological processes underlying cancer. ISEEC welcomed scientists from different disciplines, including but not limited to oncology, cell biology, evolutionary biology and mathematics. More details about the society and its events are available on the ISEEC website.

    Fitness Interdependence Workshop

    February 17 - 18, 2017, Saguaro Lake Ranch ​

    This two-day workshop brought together leaders in cooperation theory, social psychology, and evolutionary biology to discuss fitness interdependence and helping behavior.




    ASU Cooperation and Conflict Symposium

    February 16, 2017, Arizona State University

    The ASU Cooperation & Conflict Symposium invites diverse scholars from around the world to come together with ASU faculty to address the most pressing questions in cooperation theory through interdisciplinary dialogue.This year’s question: How do large-scale systems solve the problem of detecting, controlling and eliminating cheating? Learn more and watch talks from the symposium here and read about the symposium on ASU Now.

    The Human Generosity Project Annual Meeting

    January, 2017

    The Human Generosity Project Annual Meeting brings together the entire HGP team, including anthropologists, psychologists and computational modelers for a two-day intensive meeting. See more about this here.



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