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    July 3, 2018
    We are excited to announce that Boredom Research has received a commission from the Arizona Cancer and Evolution Center (ACE) to create a digital visualization media artwork about the science of cancer. The new work is scheduled to be seen at the CDC Gallery in Washington D.C., The Mayo Clinic in...
    January 11, 2017
    Shame is that feeling you get when you’re caught stealing from your grandma’s purse, when you sneeze all over your date’s face, when you let your incompetence show. Some have argued that shame happens when you violate a norm or when you blame a negative event on yourself. In general that’s true,...
    October 22, 2016 · Kombucha,Symbiosis
    Kombucha is all of the above. Kombucha is a beverage produced by the fermentation of sweetened tea by yeast and acetic acid bacteria.   The layer or 'biofilm' floating at the top of the liquid is called a S.C.O.B.Y. It's a dense network of nanocellulose produced by the bacteria, which...
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